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We at Thespian Theatre Company are passionate about storytelling. Our approach to creating art is rooted in authenticity, inclusivity and integrity. We know how much there is to learn from the voices that so often go unheard in the Australian media landscape, so we’re deeply committed to representing the culturally diverse communities of Australia in the stories we tell. With a special interest in multicultural and multilingual experiences, and the ways in which politics, culture and history impact our lives, our work is imbued with compassion and purpose.


Our company houses a dedicated team of educators with rich and varying creative backgrounds who facilitate our not-for-profit acting academy, through which we arm our performers with the experience, skills and confidence they need to excel in professional entertainment environments, while providing unique avenues for community building, self discovery and creative play. We embrace individuals from all walks of life, and are proud of the diversity our performers and educators represent. We accept performers of all experience levels, and our educators are committed to tailoring each performer's journey with us to harness and develop their unique inner creativity and ability.




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Delve into the mind of legendary American-Lebanese writer, poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran as he drew closer and closer to the gates of death through his work. This set of performances, Lazurus and His Beloved and The Blind, will inspire, dazzle and intrigue its audiences.

A stirring Romeo and Juliet-style love story about a Lebanese-Catholic born girl and a Lebanese-Muslim born boy who can't help but fall deeply in love despite the wishes of their parents. But when their secret relationship is brought to light, will their families ever forgive them and put their differences aside? We have become very clever at masking our differences, but can we learn to live and love together?


Nestled in amongst a magical and forbidding forest lies the beautiful and idealic Heartland. But not all is what it seems here in Heartland, and an evil stirs. Will good prevail over evil and will true love conquer all?


After unexpectedly resigning his lectureship at the local University, John Oldman's colleagues suddenly turn up at his desert cabin demanding an explanation. For ten years he has been a highly successful teacher, bound - it would seem - for greener pastures, the History chair at Stanford, perhaps. Why then does he suddenly decide to move on? Bringing the food they had prepared for his impromptu farewell party, they query his rash behavior. Reluctantly, John tells them that every ten years he prefers to move on. Not satisfied, his colleagues question him further until he finally reveals to his disbelieving friends that he doesn't age.


"Love with No Remorse" explores the story of Sahar, a medical school dropout, and Isaac, a successful lawyer, who marry amidst societal expectations. Despite their seemingly perfect exterior, the play delves into the complexities of their married life, uncovering secrets and prompting questions about the sufficiency of love alone. Set in Australia in 2023, it addresses domestic violence and coercive control, offering a unique perspective on modern love from a Middle Eastern lens, challenging societal norms and aiming to spark meaningful conversations and change.


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